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326problems with IGI

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  • Judi Lee
    Sep 28, 2002
      Some of you may have had problems accessing the IGI on the Familysearch
      website this week. The reason is that they are updating the IGI and have
      had some difficulties getting it to work properly. Evidently it was beta
      tested by a number of people with no problems, but when they put it online
      it didn't work right. The message you will see is that the site is
      overloaded with too many hits, but it is really because they haven't got it
      working properly yet. I have copied a message that was posted in the news
      sections of the Familysearch website on Sept 20, explaining what the new
      changes will be.


      Updated International Genealogical Index
      A new version of the International Genealogical Index is now
      available on the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service (FamilySearch
      Internet). This new version contains the following enhancements:
      a.. More Names. More names have been added to the index. These
      names were received since the last release in January 2000.

      b.. Regular updates. The index will be updated as new
      information is received. Note: There are no current plans to update the
      International Genealogical Index on compact disc.

      c.. Individuals linked into families. Some individuals are
      linked into families and can be displayed on family groups and pedigree
      charts. The number of linked individuals is relatively small but is expected
      to grow significantly in the future. You can also download family group
      records and pedigree charts.

      d.. Additional event information. All events that were in
      original user submissions are now displayed and can be used as search

      e.. Improved searching. You can now search the index by given
      name, surname and state, and more types of events, even across regions. The
      processes used to find individuals in spite of spelling and other
      differences in the name have also been improved.

      f.. Information to describe the source. When you display an
      individual��s records, you will see messages that describe the source of the
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