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3251901 English Census Errors

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  • Rene
    Sep 28, 2002
      Good morning!

      There have been lots of messages coming through the UK-1901-CENSUS
      mailing list recently about transcription errors. This one arrived this
      morning from:

      John Holden <john.holden3@...>

      " . . . as a result of the problems with the 1901, the PRO will
      not now put any more censuses on line. They have instead, licensed the
      whole lot to Ancestry.com as a way of fulfilling their promise. That has
      to be an improvement doesn't it? Access virtually restricted to those
      with credit cards. No free index. Probably no facility to correct
      transcription errors."

      May I remind everyone that access to Ancestry.com is free at the Family
      History Centre. The only charge is $1/hour for using the high speed
      Internet access. You can book a computer one day ahead or take your
      chance of finding a computer that is not being used on the day that you
      are at the Centre.

      Rene Dussome