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  • Donna Coulter
    Sep 20, 2004
      Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
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      What a dreadful disappointment .

      However all is not lost.---just call me Polly Anna.

      Everyone who gathered their pictures and certificates, everything that they
      intended having scanned and stored. Can now store it on their own CD. Some
      good will come out of all the work you folks did.

      There are those who have already done just that. But many of us have
      procrastinated until now.

      Now is the time. Review those notes that compu-sig speakers gave us and DO

      Donna Coulter.

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      Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 9:47 PM
      Subject: Family Papers Collection

      > Please remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list and
      > the original sender so please stay on topic or ensure you delete
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      > A few hours after I posted my last message to this list concerning the
      > Family Papers Collection I received a call from a National Genealogical
      > Society representative advising me that the newly elected Board of
      > had decided to suspend the activities of the FPC mobile unit pending a
      > detailed review of the program. The decision takes effect on September
      > 30th, 2004. The decision to send the mobile unit to Calgary had been
      > confirmed at Sacramento in May of this year and, as no contracts were
      > deemed necessary, the AFHS and the FPC mobile unit proceeded
      > with plans for a Calgary visit. Both the Ridenours, who compose the
      > mobile unit, and myself, were more than a little upset by this arbitrary
      > decision by the NGS Board and, after a lengthy discussion, decided
      > to appeal the decision today. Due to the repercussions this decision
      > has on our Family Roots 2004 planning I requested an immediate
      > reply to our appeal. None was received.
      > I referred the matter to both Gordon Hulbert, the Chair of Family Roots
      > 2004, and Gordon Lane, Chair of the AFHS. A number of possible options
      > have been discussed, including the possibility of funding the visit by the
      > mobile unit to Calgary by the AFHS. However, based on confidential
      > information that I, as a member of the NGS/GENTECH Advisory Council, am
      > at liberty to publicly disclose, it has been decided to permanently cancel
      > the Family Papers Collection visit.
      > I would like to thank all those who so graciously volunteered to assist in
      > the collection process. To those people who have spent hours searching
      > their files for items suitable for digitizing, my sincerest apologies. If
      > it is
      > any consolation, I too find myself faced with the task of restoring my
      > to their original condition.
      > Regretfully
      > Bill Mumford
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca
      > http://www.family-roots.ca

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