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3117Family Papers Collection

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  • Bill Mumford
    Sep 19, 2004
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      In just two short weeks the National Genealogical Society's Family Papers
      Collection team will arrive in Calgary. This is a wonderful opportunity to
      have your family papers and photos recorded in digital form at no cost to
      you. For full details log on to www.afhs.ab.ca or www.family-roots.ca and
      look for the link to the Family Papers Collection.

      The NGS team of Dennis and Carla Ridenour will discuss the Family Papers
      Collection at the next AFHS regular meeting, (October 4th 7:15 PM at the
      Christian Reformed Church, 14a Street and 37th Ave S.W.). They will make
      another presentation on the selection and use of digital cameras at the
      Computer SIG meeting the following Saturday (October 9th, 10:00AM in the
      lounge of the LDS Stake House at 17th Ave and 19a Street S.W) They complete
      the hat trick with a third talk at Family Roots 2004 on "Using Your Camera
      as a Research Assistant". (October 16th, Carriage House Inn, 90th Ave and
      McLeod Trail S.W.) Both of the Ridenours have been featured speakers at
      numerous national genealogical seminars. Dennis recently retired from
      Lucent Technologies and is an expert on the use of digital cameras and the
      creation of multimedia presentations. His wife, Carla, is the former editor
      of the NGS Newsmagazine and currently edits the NGS on line newsletter,
      UpFront. Both are expert genealogists of long standing and have created a
      number of very imaginative multimedia presentations of family data. (Some
      of you might remember "I'm My Own Grandpa" (The Mumford Family Tree) from
      Family Roots 2002.)

      The team has visited Dallas and Oklahoma City in the last few months and
      recorded over 70, 000 digital images of a variety of family papers, photos,
      etc. Calgary is their third stop. The selection of our city was no
      accident. The AFHS has a reputation as a very active group and was
      presented an award for technical excellence in 2000 by the New England
      Historical and Genealogical Society. I'm sure their choice will be

      Any questions can be addressed to Bill Mumford at mumford@... or
      phone 933-2881 (leave a message and your phone number on the machine if no
      answer. This is a local call from Calgary.)


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