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306Canadian Genealogy Centre Symposium

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  • George Lake
    Sep 23 2:09 PM
      Hi All:
      The AFHS Board has agreed that I should represent them at this symposium
      Nov 1 - 3. I would appreciate input from any AFHS member on the subjects
      to be discussed, as outlined in the program reproduced below.

      I am happy to accept input from other than AFHS members as well, but would
      note that Ian Holmes, representing Alberta Genealogy Society, Gordon Watts
      representing Canada Census Committee and Rick Roberts representing Global
      Genealogy will also attend.

      Please reply either to Distgen so all can see, or privately to
      chairman@... if you wish to answer me individually. I will be out
      of town Sep 24 to Oct 4 but will remain connected to Distgen and will
      review its contents when I return.

      Thanks for your help.


      >Canadian Genealogy Centre symposium
      >On Friday 13 September 2002 I received a letter from Ian E. Wilson -
      >National Archivist of Canada, inviting me to attend the first symposium
      >of the Canadian Genealogy Centre entitled "Canadian Genealogy Online:
      >Building an Innovative Model of Co-operation" to be held in Gatineau,
      >Quebec, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization on November 1, 2 and 3,
      >2002. The letter of invitation stated:
      >"The National Archives of Canada, with the National Library of Canada,
      >is developing the Canadian Genealogy Centre in order to better serve
      >Canadian genealogists. With the assistance of Canadian Heritage and
      >other partners from archives, libraries, and genealogical and historical
      >societies, this new Centre will also offer genealogical content,
      >services, advice, research tools and the opportunity to work online on
      >group projects, in both official languages.
      >We hope to foster dialogue between genealogists, and current and
      >potential partners in order to gain a better understanding of their
      >needs and expectations."
      >The symposium will consist of a number of plenary sessions and group
      >discussions as follows:
      >Session 1: Relationships between users and stakeholders providing
      >genealogical services.
      >1. Which consultation strategies and methods should the CGC adopt?
      >2. What are the needs of the users and service providers? What
      >genealogical products and services do users and providers wish to have
      >access to through the CCG?
      >3. What projects should be set as priorities in developing online
      >CGC components and what partnership projects would be required to
      >achieve them?
      >Session 2: Partnerships at the Canadian Genealogy Centre.
      >1. What are the challenges (responsibilities, commitments,
      >advantages) of participating in the CGC as a partner? What do we mean
      >by the term governance? What governance model would be most effective
      >for the Centre under the leadership of the National Archives of Canada
      >and the National Library of Canada?
      >2. What services should the CGC provide and what balance should
      >there be between free services and billed services? What role could the
      >private sector play in all of the CGC's activities? What ethical issues
      >could the CGC raise?
      >3. What would the roles and responsibilities of the various
      >stakeholders be in implementing the CGC in terms of access to
      >information, protection of personal information, and security with
      >regard to developing Web tools?
      >Session 3: Approaches for the Canadian Genealogy Centre and
      >stakeholders with respect to the production and sharing of content.
      >1. What projects could partners carry out together? (e.g.
      >indexing, research tools and genealogical resource directory.)
      >2. What's new in the exchange of genealogical information? (e.g.
      >online collaborative tools such as Meeting Place and volunteer
      >mobilization efforts.)
      >3. What protocols would have to be put in place for quality control
      >of the content?

      George Lake
      Chairman, Alberta Family Histories Society
      Calgary Canada

      email: chairman@...

      FamilyRoots 2002 - Oct 25 - 26/02

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