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2997Re: Desktop Background, Windows XP

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  • Doug Hay
    Aug 16, 2004
      Alan Cassley wrote:
      > Dear Experts,
      > Somehow Windows XP has added the contents of the 'My Pictures' Folder to the list of backgrounds for the desktop, about 50 pictures.
      > I've tried to delete these references, but 'right click' doesn't give me anything, 'highlight + delete' doesn't delete them. There's no Help.
      > I know they are harmless, but I'd like to have some say in the matter.
      > How did they get there? (I didn't consciously do anything .)
      > How can I delete them?
      > Heeeelp!
      > Alan Cassley.

      Right clicking on your desktop brings up a menu, one of which is
      screensaver. That is where you can choose to have My Pictures as a
      saver. I just started using this a week or so ago. It brings up some
      pictures that I forgot I had and is kind of fun.


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