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2967Family Papers Collection

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  • Bill Mumford
    Aug 4, 2004
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      In about eight weeks the Family Papers Collection digitizing team from the
      National Genealogical Society will arrive in Calgary. If you are planning
      to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have your priceless
      collection of family documents, photographs, etc recorded on a CD at no cost
      to you, now is the time to start preparing them for digitization. In order
      to expedite matters every item to be digitized must be listed on a special
      form prior to making your appointment. These forms plus more information on
      the project are now available on the local Family Papers Collection website.
      A link to this web site is available from the AFHS home page at
      www.afhs.ab.ca , from the Family Roots 2004 web site when it becomes
      available, or you can log on directly at www.mumford.ca/fpc/ .

      The team will be in Calgary for a minimum of two weeks starting on October
      4th. They will be presenting talks at the October 4th meeting of the AFHS,
      at the Genealogical Computer Group (a SIG of the AFHS) meeting on October
      9th and at Family Roots 2004 on October 16th. The October 4th talk will be
      on the Family Papers Collection, the October 9th talk will be more technical
      and focus on the use of cameras and scanners for genealogy. The Family
      Roots talk is part of the seminar program and will be on the use of digital
      cameras and scanners but is structured for the non-techie.

      This visit by the FPC team is a joint presentation by the AFHS and the NGS.
      Volunteers are needed to assist in the actual digitization work, primarily
      in the non technical aspect of the process however volunteers familiar with
      using digital cameras and scanners are most welcome. If you can spare a few
      hours during the day and wish to volunteer or if you have any questions
      concerning the Family Papers Collection, please contact Bill Mumford at
      933-2881 (if no answer leave your phone number on the machine) or by email
      at mumford@...


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