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    Jul 29, 2004
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      E-recycling depots open for business

      Grady Semmens
      Calgary Herald

      Wednesday, July 28, 2004

      Calgarians don't have to stockpile their old electronics for recycling
      any more thanks to permanent E-recycling depots that have opened around
      the city.

      Following the success of the City of Calgary's annual E-cycle Roundup,
      the Electronics Recycling Association of Alberta has set up a series of
      drop-off points to collect used computers, stereos, cellular phones,
      televisions and other devices, free of charge.

      "There's such a high demand for proper disposal of equipment because
      people understand that it's just not right to throw all this stuff
      away," said Bojan Paduh, the association's operations director.

      "People have said they would like to have this available permanently,
      so we're setting up a system with no cost to taxpayers."

      The association, in co-operation with several local businesses, has
      developed collection centres where Calgarians can take their old
      gadgets to be refurbished or recycled instead of having them interred
      in local landfills.

      In some cases, the depots offer small refunds for the equipment.

      "Stores can keep some of the things, fix them and then re-sell them,"
      Paduh said. "And in some places, they are donated to charities and
      low-income families."

      The association's main electronics depot is at 1301 34th Ave. S.E.

      Other locations include computer collection depots operated by Memory
      Express Computer Products Inc. at 4812 Macleod Tr. S.W., Express
      Computer Store at 210-9737 Macleod Tr. S.W., Sector Computer Systems
      Inc. at 3450 17th Ave. S.E. and stereo recycling at K&W Audio at 1424
      4th St. S.W.

      Paduh said drop-offs should be arranged by calling the depots directly
      or contacting the association at 262-4488 or by visiting the
      association's website (www.era.ca).

      © The Calgary Herald 2004

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