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2931HISTORIC CALGARY WEEK - July 30 to August 8

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  • William Campbell
    Jul 22, 2004
      Hi Folks:

      AWAY BACK on July 10 you received a message concerning the  14th Annual Historic Calgary Week sponsored by the Chinook Country Historical Society.
      A copy of this announcement appears below.   I encourage you to visit the website.
      Our Alberta Family Histories Society will provide a permanent  un-staffed display at the headquarters for the entire duration of the event at
       Memorial Park Library, 1221  2nd Street SW,

      For three evenings during the week there will be an excellent opportunity for our Society to meet and interact with the general public before and after the talks.

      Tuesday August 3rd  -  7:00 pm  -  Author Harry Sanders will be discussing his new book  'Historic Walks of Calgary'

      Wednesday August 4th  -  7:00 pm  -  Author Fred Stenson will read from his new book  'Lightning' , an epic cowboy novel of the West.

      Thursday  August 5th  -  7:00 pm  -  Author David Jones will discuss his new book "See This World Before the Next Cruising with CPR Steamships in the
                                                              Twenties and Thirties' - the romantic era of crossing to the world's exotic destinations.

      All are welcome to attend.
      If there are members of AFHS who are planning to attend any of these evenings and would care to staff our display from 6:30 to 7 pm and again for a short time after the presentations I would be very grateful if you would contact me by email or phone  254-2293 and offer your services to answer questions and distribute brochures to the visitors.

      Our Society's story needs to be told .    Here is  a great opportunity!



      Calgary's Historic Sites/Sights  -  July 30 to August 8 

      Celebrating Calgary's history with walks, talks and fascinating programs around this great City.

      Provided by the Chinook Country Historical Society

      The Memorial Park Library will be the headquarters for this exciting 10-day event.
      Of course, AFHS will be prominently displayed at the Library.

      For complete details see   http://www.albertahistory.org/Chinook/
      Click on Historic Calgary Week, then on Historic Calgary Week Brochure

      Be sure to tell your friends.

      See you there.

      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA