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  • fmonk
    Jul 15, 2004
      Hi Rene: I have a LCD monitor and you couldn't get me to trade it for
      anything. It is far superior than anything I have had in the past and
      images are clearer than my old monitor. I'm not sure why anyone would say
      that LCD monitors will not work well with images. I find the LCD flat
      screen much easier on the eyes. The Samsung LCD Synmaster flat screen
      monitor has won several awards. I have a "LG Flatron " and I love it. I
      suggest you visit a computer store (all dealers will have a variety) and
      compare the difference. I found the best deal at Computer Rack on McLeod
      Trail and 50th Avenue SW. Like everything else, a little extra money buys a
      much better product. Good Luck, Fred

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      From: "Rene Dussome" <rdussome@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 11:37 AM
      Subject: LCD Monitor

      > I am considering buying an LCD monitor for my computer but have been
      > told that it will not work well with images. Can anyone give me some
      > advice about this?
      > Thanks.
      > Rene Dussome
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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