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    Jul 8, 2004
      I use a Mac and Safari and rarely find a site that I can't use. When I
      do I email them and Apple and usually it is fixed within the day.

      I have been recommending other browsers to Microsoft Users for some
      time and those who switched have not had any problems with crashes.

      As you all know I do not agree with "everyone uses it and so I will to".

      I think it is long past time that people took control.

      Also, if a web master is to lazy to make a site work with other
      browsers then he may be to lazy to site his sources properly as well.

      My 10 cents worth.


      On 7-Jul-04, at 14:55, Ann Stewart wrote:
      Ann's helper wrote:

      > While most Trojan's, worms and viruses do target Internet Explorer (IE)
      > users it is a pretty drastic step to change browsers. I have tried all
      > the
      > alternative browsers mentioned below and keep coming back to IE
      > because all
      > websites work well with it and it rarely crashes. The other browsers
      > each
      > have trouble with various sites because programmers develop their
      > sites with
      > IE in mind and not Opera, Mozilla, etc.

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