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2787Beatty v AG Canada et al

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  • Lois Sparling
    Jun 8, 2004
      Dear lists,

      The hearing of our second Federal Court Application, Beatty v AG Canada
      et al was this morning in Calgary. Mertie Beaty and Rene Dussome were
      there to cheer me on. Patrick Bendin appeared as Counsel for the
      misguided ones. We presented argument for about 3 hours with a few
      questions from Mr. Justice Gibson. I would have preferred more
      questions and discussion with the judge since that would have given me
      some clues about what he was thinking and what he did and did not accept
      from my arguments. The decision was reserved. This means the judge
      will think about it all some more, perhaps do some research of his own
      and give us a written decision later.

      The late Bob Westbury was very much on our minds as we arrived at the
      Court. I have to correct Gordon Watts' suggestion that Bob was just
      playing devils advocate when he suggested civil disobedience. He meant
      every word of it. Access to our history was a matter of great
      importance to him. He was truly outraged with the attitude of the Chief
      Statistician and, more recently, with the deal the National Archivist
      apparently felt he had to make (Bill S-13). Fortunately, I forgot about
      everything except the argument to be presented once Court started.
      Thoughts about the loss of Bob and how much the census release campaign
      meant to him would not have helped my composure.

      Lois Sparling
      Calgary, Alberta

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