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2779June Meeting

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  • Adrienne Horne
    Jun 5, 2004
      The next AFHS meeting is on June 7 at the First Christian Reformed Church (FCRC); 3818 14a St SW. 
      Basics Session: 6:30pm
      Topic: Getting Ready for Summer Research Projects
      Kay Clarke
      Kay will help you prepare genealogy research projects.  She is going to be talking about some of the pitfalls and ways to make the experience of summer research more enjoyable.   So come and find out what to do in your summer beside gardening, golfing and other traditional pursuits.
      Kay has been researching her family's history for many (probably 30 +
      but only seriously for about the last 10) years.  She has the added problem
      of distance, as her father grew up in New Brunswick.  Kay has probably made all
      the mistakes in the book regarding things to do or not to do.
      Main Meeting: 7:15pm
      Topic: Volunteer Appreciation Night.
      SIG Representatives
      It is that time of year again to recognize the hard and continuous work our volunteers do to help make our society so successful.  In keeping with this theme, representatives from the various Special Interest Groups of the AFHS will be manning tables.  They will provide members information on what their group can offer in terms of research and computer support, as well as promoting future volunteer opportunities.  Please join us as we celebrate our volunteers.
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