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  • Gordon Lane
    Jun 4, 2004
      Hi heather,
      I will phone her


      Gordon Lane
      Alberta Family Histories Society
      712-16th Ave NW.
      Calgary, AB, Canada
      T2M 0J8

      AFHS Webster
      Editor Chinook

      AFHS Website: http://www.afhs.ab.ca

      Family website

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      Subject: Re: Coats of Arms

      Hi Heather:
      I would suspect this woman has stopped by our offices/library at 16th Avenue and has seen the Coat of Arms on the window (Harold's business), but has assumed it was also part of the "service" of AFHS..... I would suggest she contact Harold.... but I can't remember his last name, and don't know the name of his business... used to be Owls Rook Books, but don't think its that anymore.
      I'll be at the library tomorrow afternoon (volunteer shift with Donna) so perhaps I could phone her from there and give her Harold's number (he has left some brochures at the Library for us to hand out as needed).  Let me know if you want me to phone her tomorrow, or if someone else has answered you and has looked after it already.

      Cheers, Phyllis Z.
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      Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 6:13 PM
      Subject: Coats of Arms

      I was checking the answering machine for the society and there was a message from a Barbara Brown who is looking for coats of arms for her husband's family.  She is wondering where she can get them.  I would appreciate any help with this question.  If anyone can help Barbara her phone number is 248-6449.
      Thank you,
      Heather Jaremko
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