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2764Re: Searching for someone in ON in 1944

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  • Mary Arthur
    Jun 1, 2004
      On 1-Jun-04, at 15:29, Linda Holdaway wrote:

      > Hello -
      > snipped
      I hope you have said city directory and not telephone directory? Many
      in 1944 would not have had a telephone.

      If he was young and/or unemployed he might not have made the directory.

      If he was in the services he also might not have been included. If he
      was 18-35 in 1944 I would be looking at the armed services records as

      I am sure there are directories for other areas around Toronto, but
      don't know them personally.

      I have heard some people call the entire province of ON 'Toronto'.

      > My problem is that the 1944 edition of the Toronto city directory has
      > no listing for this man - by his name or initial. I am wondering if
      > someone can tell me (assuming the 1944 obituary is correct),
      > if there are directories that would cover the area around Toronto -
      > perhaps he was listed as living in Toronto to simplify things but in
      > reality he lived close to but not actually in the city. Is there a
      > possibility that his number could have been unlisted in 1944?

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