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2665May meeting of GCG/Computer Sig

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  • Alan Cassley
    May 2, 2004
      Hi Distgenners
      The May meeting of the CompSIG will take place in the lounge of the Church of LDS at 19a Street and !7th Avenue SW on Saturday 8th May. Please use the South entrance.
      9.30 am Beginners Q & A session
      10.30 am Doug Hay will present "First steps to a Website"
      As no-one has come forward to take over the chair of the group there will be a short meeting of the steering committee, after Doug's presentation, to discuss the fate of the group.
      There was a suggestion at the last CompSIG meeting that perhaps two people could share the chair. I see no problem with this idea. So if two people would agree to do that, please let me know before next Saturday.
      You can call me at 286 3008 to discuss.
      Alan Cassley
      Chairman, GCG/Computer SIG