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2662Volunteer required - Urgent

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  • Gordon Lane
    Apr 30, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      We need urgently need a membership secretary as Ken Runquist is vacating the
      post. He is not leaving because the position is hard or takes up a great
      deal of time but for personal reasons. He will be around to train the new
      volunteer initially so please help your Society and volunteer.

      The following is a list of duties.

      Section 6.1 The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for:
      Keeping a register of the Society's members, the names of the applicants for
      incorporation and the name of every other person who is admitted as a member
      of the Society, together with the following particulars of each person:
      The full name, residential and mailing addresses,
      The date on which the person is admitted as a member,
      The date on which the person ceases to be a member,
      The class of membership of the person;
      Making the register of the Society's members available to the membership at
      all meetings of the Society;
      Providing a member of the Society with a copy of the register, the annual
      list of members or excerpts therefrom, within a reasonable time of receipt
      of the members request at a cost to the member not exceeding 25 cents for
      every 100 words to be copied;
      Promptly turning over to the Treasurer all receipted membership fees;
      All correspondence concerning Society membership.

      Section 6.2 The Membership Secretary shall be a member of the Nominating

      The membership secretary also updates the New Members handbook and has been
      running the Beginners SIG.
      The membership database is online so the annual renewal update process can
      be shared out amongst a number of people.

      Gordon Lane
      Vice Chair
      AFHS Webster
      Editor Chinook

      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Family website