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2610Today's meeting-- WHY?

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  • Donna Coulter
    Apr 10, 2004
      Hi-- I'll bet everyone that was at the meeting went right home and tried your suggestions and instructions Gordon It was a really informative lecture. 
      I found FAQ in my  CD-RW-Hp-8200Plus -- there were most of the answers.
      Then I dug out the disc's I said were 'faulty' (not me) ahem.
      It said that I did not have permission to open the disc. Ask your supervisor for permission. Well now get them!!!!!
      There were 5 discs (cheapies) One I was allowed to format and then it told me to ask permission.
      I am getting an inferiority complex.
      If anyone has a simple answer-- great ---but I would sure like to know what happened. Please don't ask me to throw them away --- yet.
      And I don't need plant stands or coasters.