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2540Re: database transfer

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  • Doug Hay
    Mar 7, 2004
          It's been my experience that no MSWorks files open in any other Microsoft program. However if you save the MSWorks files as .csv it should then open in most other programs.
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      Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 3:27 PM
      Subject: database transfer

      I'm running Windows XP and Office XP.
      Have tried unsuccessfully to to open a .wdb file (MSWorks database file) in Excel.
      One suggested solution was to use the MS web service to find the appropriate program, but the service doesn't recognize .wdb. (Is this a case of MS not recognizing an MS product?!)
      Is there any way of converting the Works database to Excel, or will I have to install MSWorks?
      Alan Cassley
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