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  • Judith Rempel
    Mar 7, 2004
      Alan - you should be able to do a updated installation of Excel so that it recognizes MS Works files. 
      You're right that MS is very odd in not automatically recognizing it's own company's fileformats.  Even odder - why would they develop competing spreadsheet softwares?
      Backward incompatibility also plagues MS Works files, but you have a new computer, so you should be fine.\
      Just pop in your MS Office CD, and upon prompts, choose to update only Excel and only with regard to it's ability to recognize MS Works files.
      As it happens, I have a cc of MS Works as well, but cannot offer to 'translate' your file, because my cc of Works is a couple of years old and is unlikely to be able to read a file developed in the newest versions.
      Tis hard not to be paranoid about the Microsoft intentions....
      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel


      1906 Census Transcription Centre
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      I'm running Windows XP and Office XP.
      Have tried unsuccessfully to to open a .wdb file (MSWorks database file) in Excel.
      One suggested solution was to use the MS web service to find the appropriate program, but the service doesn't recognize .wdb. (Is this a case of MS not recognizing an MS product?!)
      Is there any way of converting the Works database to Excel, or will I have to install MSWorks?
      Alan Cassley
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