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2525Did Edmonton have a flu epidemic in 1904?

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  • Rene Dussome
    Mar 2, 2004

      I have received the following request from:

      JoAnn Beale <pyropat@...>

      JoAnn has been helping me with my North Dakota research so I would
      really like to help her if possible but I am not qualified to answer her

      Can somebody please help?


      Rene Dussome

      I have a couple of questions for you. In Edmonton, my McCallum branch
      lived, went there some time between 1895 and the census in 1901.
      December 27, 1903, Catherine died, age 50, so she had had a hard life,
      10 kids and the Wentz girls did not seem to live very long. But then,
      February 13, 1904, her 18 year old daughter, Agnes, died. On August 13,
      1904, her 24 year old daughter, Emma, died. Now my question is: was
      there a flu or some other type of epidemic at that time? I have looked
      through history books and can't find a thing.

      Question 2; Have you looked at the 1906 census? Is there some way to
      find my people, without going through the whole thing? I don't have an
      address, just their district, Vegreville, Edmonton East, where they
      lived during the 1901 census.

      So, any thoughts would be appreciated.


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