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  • Judith Rempel
    Feb 21, 2004
      Here in Alberta, the Provincial Archives of Alberta bulk orders both archival boxes and archival folders.  I've been buying from them for the Mennonite archives for a couple of years now.  The boxes (about 6" x 14" x 10") cost us about $10 each.  The folders are about 50 cents each.  They also have archival quality 'plastic' (I have no idea if they are plastic or vinyl ...) sleeves that are 3-hold punched for photos.  I'vve bought ones that hold 2 - 4 x 6" photos and ones that hold 4 - 3 x 5" photos. 
      They really should be advertising this service on their website, since they take the time to prepare a brochure with this info on it - but I've heard that they are short-staffed for web work.  They also have a number of other archival-related items for sale (paper, etc.).
      I believe the PAA orders these items from Carr Maclean.
      If they were interested, I think Bev/Ken Rees would be able to bring in orders and resell to the AHFS membership at meetings.

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel


      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

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      By chance, this appeared on another list and is relevant to our discussion of preserving docs and archival quality paper.

      Lois Sparling

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      Tonight I am wearing my archivist hat!
      When you go to any Archives you will often see "gray" boxes that house the
      documents in file folders.
      Both those "flip top" boxes, and the file folders themselves, are "acid
      free" items and are very, very expensive by anyone's standards. Boxes can
      average $15.00 - $50.00 (and more - depending upon size and quality) for
      each box!
      A box of 100 acid free file folders costs about $50.00 per box.
      If you want to check out the prices might I recommend the Carr Maclean
      Library and Archival supply website - which is based in Canada. Carr Maclean
      is one of the industry leaders.
      So, there is much more than the just the cost of the labour in moving of the
      documents. Hey, when I moved my residence here in Toronto about nine years
      ago, it cost me close to $1,000 then to move about 10 blocks, and we packed
      most everything ourselves!
      Just providing some facts to consider ...
      J. Brian Gilchrist,
      1969 - 2004: 35 Years Researching at The Archives of Ontario.
      Genealogical and Archival research analyst,
      Box 74503, 270 The Kingsway,
      ETOBICOKE, Ontario     M9A 5E2
      "I have the reputation of being fearless and decided, and whether correct or
      not, it saves me much trouble." -  written by the Honourable and Right
      Reverend John Strachan, 1st Anglican Bishop of Toronto in 1846.
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      > It costs $240,000 to box and move.  What moving company did they use?
      > Eileen
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