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2335Re: Computer Textbook

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  • Bill Mumford
    Feb 3, 2004
      > Does anyone know if the book "Computer Genealogy: A Guide to Research
      > through High Technology" by Paul Andereck and Richard Pence 296 pages,
      > $12.95 US from Ancestry.com would be a good reference for a small library?

      The book is probably pretty old. Andereck was the editor of Genealogical
      Computing many years ago and is credited for suggesting the principles
      behind GEDCOM. Richard Pence was the moderator of the Genealogy echo on the
      old Fidonet. Richard has been pretty quiet for the past few years and is
      not in the best of health. (at least he wasn't last time I saw him). Try
      to find out when the book was first published. I suspect it would be in the
      early 90s and is probably out of date now.



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