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2332Re: Who is "B"?

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  • From Brian
    Feb 3, 2004
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         If it is the one I sent yesterday about the programs that can load in the background, it should only have a link to a site and no attachments. Maybe a spammer grabbed it, attached  a file and then resent it. If the latter is the case, you should delete it. The "B" is just my shorthand alias for one of my e-mail accounts.


      At 07:39 AM 2/03/04 Tuesday, you wrote:
      Send it to the big round file.

      At 11:36 PM 2/2/2004, you wrote:

      I received an e-mail this morning, via this list, sent by "B" and
      captioned "Programs in the background"; I have not yet opened it.

      Does anyone know if this is a legitimate e-mail or an e-mail that should
      be deleted without opening?


      Rene Dussome

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