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2322Re: where is Gainsboro and other questions

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  • Ian Holmes
    Feb 1, 2004
      In case it is of interest to Bill Francis and others on this list, the
      AGS Edmonton Branch index to the 1901 Canadian Census shows that there
      were some Beamish family members living in the Gainsboro area and Indian
      Head at in 1901

      Ellen (wife) b:ONT/1853 -Gainsbro p10
      Fredrick F (son) b:ONT/1897 -Gainsbro p11
      Henry W (son) b:ONT/1891 -Gainsbro p11
      Lottie M F (empl) b:ENG/1884 -IndianHd p3
      Martha E (dau) b:ONT/1887 -Gainsbro p11
      Mary E (dau) b:ONT/1878 -Gainsbro p10
      Myrtle (wife) b:USA/1882 - Gainsbro p10
      Thomas (head) b:ONT/1847 - Gainsbro p10
      Thomas W (head) b:ONT/1876 -Gainsbro p10
      Violet (dau) b:ONT/1895 - Gainsbro p11
      Wm (son) b:ONT/1879 - Gainsbro p10

      Ian Holmes

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      From: Bill Francis [mailto:bill.francis@...]
      Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 6:29 AM
      To: webster@...
      Subject: Just a question

      My name is Bill Francis and I have been working on my family tree now
      for about three years. Had to have something to do when I retired. I
      have been searching for a Great Aunt (Maud Beamish) married to William
      Beamish and my info source told me they moved west (From Ontario).

      Thanks to the Alberta Family Histories Web Site I found them on the 1906
      Census of Canada for Saskatchewan District # 11(Assiniboia East)
      Subdistrict # ! Page 14.

      My question is where is Gainsboro, is it in Alberta or Saskatchewan?
      Andis there a cemetery there or a death notice searchable Web site for
      same area. As well as finding Maud I also found her brother Thomas
      Francis . Any help would be appreciated
      Bill Francis
      Cameron, Ont.

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