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2319RE: where is Gainsboro and other questions

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  • Judith Rempel
    Feb 1, 2004
      While Carol & Elizabeth have conveniently answered your specific question, I thought I'd point out the "census" solution to answering the question.
      Go to the 1906 Census Transcription Centre homepage (url below), and click on the District of interest (e.g. District 11 in this case), then using the legal land description shown for the SUBdistrict of interest (#1 in your case) and the map for the district (there's always a link to the National Archvives map at the top of the district pages), you'll be able to match up details.
      If you need additional geographical helps - go to the homepage again, and scroll down until you see "Geoggraphical.... " on the right side.  It will lead you to a page with a number of helpful resources.
      Regarding the need for additional data for any given Canadian locality, use the AFHS's award-winning Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry (www.afhs.ab.ca/registry/) for the most comprehensive (although far from complete) set of links to Canadian data online.  You'll just need to select SASK and DEATH from the pick list and you'll be shown where to find additional information that may be helpful to you.
      If You know of resources not on the CGPR, just advise our webster and he'll add suggested links.
      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel


      1906 Census Transcription Centre
      Alberta Family Histories Society
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      Subject: where is Gainsboro and other questions

      Hi Bill,
      I have forwarded your query onto our mailing list and hopefully someone will answer you

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      From: Bill Francis [mailto:bill.francis@...]
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      Subject: Just a question

                  My name is Bill Francis and I have been working on my family tree now for about three years. Had to have something to do when I retired. I have been searching for a Great Aunt (Maud Beamish) married to William Beamish and my info source told me they moved west (From Ontario). Thanks to the Alberta Family Histories Web Site I found them on the 1906 Census of Canada for Saskatchewan District # 11(Assiniboia East) Subdistrict # ! Page 14.
           My question is where is Gainsboro, is it in Alberta or Saskatchewan? And is there a cemetery there or a death notice searchable Web site for same area. As well as finding Maud I also found her brother Thomas Francis . Any help would be appreciated
                                              Bill Francis
                                                 Cameron, Ont. 

      Gordon Lane
      Vice Chair
      AFHS Webster
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