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23Re: 1881 Canada Census on CD

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  • Douglas Stobbs
    Jul 31 2:44 PM
      Hi Robert:

      > i just thought I would let you know that my 4.0 Viwer that I received
      > with the 1881 Canadian Census never worked and I have had to request a
      > new copy plus a fix that might be missing form the Family History group.

      I had problems of various hues.

      Running WinXP and the 4.0 Viewer which came with the 1881 Cdn as well.

      Here, I could access the first 2 discs OK but not the 3rd.
      Emailed SLC and before I got a response, was able to try another copy
      which worked so....... made a copy of #3 CD in the alternate set and use
      that now.

      I'm not impressed with the speed of searches etc in this one. Have the
      1880 US Census set, the 1881 UK Census too and amazingly.... while the 1881
      Cdn is the smallest set of the 3, it's the slowest by a wide margin.
      Haven't felt this was worth pursuing with SLC though.

      Cheers, Doug.
      {Douglas Stobbs, 2420 2nd Ave NW #308, Calgary AB Canada, T2N 0H4.