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    Jan 19, 2004
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      Do you have a problem with defragging your hard drive? For me the
      problem is that my virus scan keeps interrupting it and restarting defrag.
      After 10 restarts, defrag asks if I want to continue. To try and avoid
      this, I will go in, turn off my virus scan and firewall, restart the
      computer, run the defrag, turn on the virus scan and firewall and then
      restart. I have found a way that seems to get past all of this.
      The method I have found will keep restarting because of the virus
      scan, but it won't matter because it won't stop after 10
      restarts. Basically I run it in a DOS window with a couple of parameters.
      If you know how to open a DOS window, you know the most complicated part of
      this. You run this when you won't need your computer for an hour or so. It
      will keep restarting but it won't stop after 10 restarts.
      The short version is
      1. Open a DOS window.
      2. Type " defrag c: /F /Noprompt", press enter, where "c:" is the hard
      drive you want to defrag.
      3. Leave your computer for an hour or overnight. When it is done, it will
      close automatically.

      I have a Windows '98 machine, so this may not work for others. It seems
      to have worked well for me. I did a regular defrag after just to check and
      it ran quickly.