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2269Re: FW: TOURBUS EXTRA - 17 Jan 04 - Extra, Extra

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  • Rene Dussome
    Jan 18 10:27 PM
      Hi Judii:

      > > For some time now when I open an e-mail in Netscape 4.78 (yes
      > > I am still using that for e-mails although I have more or less converted
      > > to Internet Explorer when "surfing") the message appears in "minimize"
      > > format and I have to "maximize" it. At some point I must have clicked on
      > > "something" that changed the way I receive e-mails. Do you, or any other
      > > Netscape user, know how I can reverse the procedure?
      > I believe what you'll need to do is be sure that you have such a message
      > open, resize and locate it on the screen where you prefer to see it, and
      > then close the software. It should "remember" that as the default the next
      > time.

      Thanks for your advice Judii. Caroly Lylyk gave me similar advice and I
      am pleased to say that my problem has been solved.

      > > I hope your shoulder is much better now.
      > Ugh. Am going back to work tomorrow, but am still on painkillers and am not
      > yet driving. I hate this kind of a struggle!

      I am sorry that you are still having pain in your shoulder. It has been
      a long time and I can imagine you are pretty fed up with the whole
      thing. Hopefully you will get better soon.



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