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2216DNA testing

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  • Jo_an Utson
    Nov 15, 1945
      I found this posting on another list I belong to:

      Clan Links Save a Life

      Genetic research has shown that people with the same clan name are much
      more closely related than was previously thought. That was brought home
      this year when 20-year-old Millie Forbes, from Aberdeenshire, was struck
      down by a return of acute myeloid leukemia. She needed a transplant of
      matching bone marrow to save her life, but no matches were found amongst
      donors in the UK. But her grandfather is Chief of the Clan Forbes and
      the US clan members were asked for assistance. An anonymous donor was
      found and she is expected to have the operation shortly. Other research
      into the clan MacDonald has found that an unexpectedly high percentage
      of 20% are directly descended from Somerled, the 12th century warrior
      who founded the clan.

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