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220Re: Well done, Sheila & Ellen

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  • Sheila Johnston
    Sep 4, 2002
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      You are all very much too kind! Ellen, there's obviously enough praise to
      share; I think we made a good combination, and I thank you for the
      opportunity to share the interview with you, as well as the audience. The
      loaf of Italian bread was obviously a master stroke. It really illustrated
      what we were trying to say. Margie Taylor asked if this was our first
      "Ellen and Sheila" show, and we assured her that it was.
      Of course, after we finished, I began to think of what we missed, such as
      the name of the place where we meet, and the phone number of AFHS!! I did
      remedy the latter by leaving our web site address and the phone number at
      the CBC switchboard. When I left the calls were still coming in, which was
      a good sign.
      Everyone at CBC was most welcoming, and Margie Taylor is obviously very
      skilled at her job. She also is truly interested in her own family history.
      Bill, I add my thanks to Ellen's, as I think this was a great opportunity
      which you opened up for AFHS.
      Thanks for all the compliments.


      Sheila Johnston <smjohnston@...>
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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