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2190RE: Santa needs your help because my growing database is outgrowing my genealogical software

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  • Judith Rempel
    Dec 4, 2003
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      The filesize capacities are one reason that the Mennonite GRANDMA
      (Genealogical Register ANd Database of Mennonite Ancestors) project doesn't
      employ FTM. It recommends BK6 or Legacy.

      Legacy has the advantage of true merging ability (and is generally a more
      powerful tool), but data entry is painfully slow because of the amount of
      dialogue boxes that one has to go through.

      BK has the advantage of being quicker to learn, has a large number of
      suitable analytical and reporting tools, and very importantly CHECKS THE
      DATABASE each time you try to enter a new person. It offers up a list of
      persons who match the names (first five characters of first and last names),
      in birthdate order. The latter is incredibly important if you have name
      combinations that repeat in large numbers as we do in the Mennonite
      community. Your cultural experience may be the same.

      Both can handle GRANDMA - which now is a file of almost 800,000 names.

      I believe both are XP compatible.

      Above are personal experiences - am sure the gen sig will have additional
      thoughts/recommendations and may well want to finesse some of the factual
      comments above.

      am cc'ing the Computer sig tips group too.

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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      > Subject: Santa needs your help because my growing database is outgrowing
      > my genealogical software
      > Hi all,
      > I have presented my problem to Elizabeth already but I want to
      > see if any of
      > you come up with different software solutions for my growing database.
      > I have over 20,000 people in my Family Tree Maker Version 8 main database,
      > almost all with source information, many with background notes and a few
      > with pictures (though generally I have found it better to keep pictures in
      > separate files). The FTW (Family Tree Maker for Windows) file is 38,640 kb
      > and has stopped working. What happens in the program is that any time new
      > data is added it also writes it to the backup file. If I try to
      > add any new
      > data the program freezes as it tries to process it and I receive
      > the message
      > "File not responding".
      > If I go through and delete names, notes or pictures, the program
      > will allow
      > me to add new data until I come up to the capacity again, then freezes. I
      > have two 60 gig hard drives and have used less than half of my main one
      > since I keep all backup and less used files on my second hard drive.
      > Elizabeth informs me that I have to split my file even to upgrade to FTW
      > version 11. I cannot see how I can do this as all the individuals are
      > related in some fashion. If I work on files for clients that do not have a
      > French, French-Canadian, Acadian, Quebec (i.e. non-French who settled in
      > Quebec and intermarried with French) or Metis roots, I keep these in
      > separate databases. For anyone who has roots in the above areas I
      > keep them
      > in the same database as that of my children as I can usually eventually
      > connect my clients' lines to work I have already done and thus do not have
      > to re-enter or re-do work.
      > What I have been doing lately is working alphabetically to connect any
      > "orphans" (people in the database without parents) to the ancestral lines
      > back to France. I also have been ensuring that I have entered birth,
      > baptism, death and burial dates and places as well as any notes of
      > significance and of course, citing my sources (which I do with abbreviated
      > codes that refer back to a master list in Word containing the full
      > citation).
      > I want to ask Santa for some new software. I had originally wanted to ask
      > for FTW version 11 but now I am concerned this will not meet my needs as I
      > am only at the letter C in looking for orphans and I have a long
      > ways to go.
      > Many people have multiple marriages and large families and my children
      > descend from several lines within a family. Thus I cannot see how I can
      > split the database and in fact feel that I will be more than doubling or
      > tripling the size.
      > Thus I have come to the conclusion that I need to use software with a
      > greater capacity. However, Santa is not rich. So what do you recommend?
      > à bientôt,
      > Xenia Stanford (president@...)
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