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2189Re: Santa needs your help because my growing database is outgrowing my genealogical software

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  • Ines
    Dec 4, 2003
      Hi Xenia,
      I am using TMG (the Master Genealogist), ver. 4 and I am very happy with
      it. I did not upgrade to the next version because the book was not out and
      they were still fixing things. They have a very good and busy mailing list
      where you get answers right away, usually more than you wanted. I have a
      little over 10 000 people in my database, can't tell you how big it is. If
      you look in the file, they store it by letter of the alphabeth. I am sure
      there are people on this list who know more about it.

      At 12:33 AM 12/4/03, you wrote:
      >Hi all,
      >I have presented my problem to Elizabeth already but I want to see if any of
      >you come up with different software solutions for my growing database.
      >I have over 20,000 people in my Family Tree Maker Version 8 main database,
      >almost all with source information, many with background notes and a few
      >with pictures (though generally I have found it better to keep pictures in
      >separate files). The FTW (Family Tree Maker for Windows) file is 38,640 kb
      >and has stopped working. What happens in the program is that any time new
      >data is added it also writes it to the backup file. If I try to add any new
      >data the program freezes as it tries to process it and I receive the message
      >"File not responding".
      >If I go through and delete names, notes or pictures, the program will allow
      >me to add new data until I come up to the capacity again, then freezes. I
      >have two 60 gig hard drives and have used less than half of my main one
      >since I keep all backup and less used files on my second hard drive.
      >Elizabeth informs me that I have to split my file even to upgrade to FTW
      >version 11. I cannot see how I can do this as all the individuals are
      >related in some fashion. If I work on files for clients that do not have a
      >French, French-Canadian, Acadian, Quebec (i.e. non-French who settled in
      >Quebec and intermarried with French) or Metis roots, I keep these in
      >separate databases. For anyone who has roots in the above areas I keep them
      >in the same database as that of my children as I can usually eventually
      >connect my clients' lines to work I have already done and thus do not have
      >to re-enter or re-do work.
      >What I have been doing lately is working alphabetically to connect any
      >"orphans" (people in the database without parents) to the ancestral lines
      >back to France. I also have been ensuring that I have entered birth,
      >baptism, death and burial dates and places as well as any notes of
      >significance and of course, citing my sources (which I do with abbreviated
      >codes that refer back to a master list in Word containing the full
      >I want to ask Santa for some new software. I had originally wanted to ask
      >for FTW version 11 but now I am concerned this will not meet my needs as I
      >am only at the letter C in looking for orphans and I have a long ways to go.
      >Many people have multiple marriages and large families and my children
      >descend from several lines within a family. Thus I cannot see how I can
      >split the database and in fact feel that I will be more than doubling or
      >tripling the size.
      >Thus I have come to the conclusion that I need to use software with a
      >greater capacity. However, Santa is not rich. So what do you recommend?
      >à bientôt,
      >Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      >A.G.E. Ancestree Genealogical Enterprises
      >Column: "Nos Racines Francaise" http://globalgenealogy.com/globalgazette
      >Local book and magazine sales: http://www.knowmap.com/age/
      >Celtic Stone Art: http://www/celticstoneart.com
      >Phone: (403) 295-3490; Fax: (403) 274-0564

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