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2130Re: Laser Printer Problem

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  • Bill Mumford
    Nov 5, 2003
      > I have a Brother HL-1230 Laser printer. Lately my printed material has a
      > very dirty appearance to it. The background is just terrible. However
      > actual printed characters are very black in color, not faded at all.

      > Does anyone know how replacing a toner cartridge can clean up the
      > background? Maybe I should get my printer cleaned before I get the new
      > cartridge. Comments.

      I believe the Brother has a separate drum. These usually need replacing
      about every fourth or fifth toner cartridge. Some printers (HP, Samsung)
      combine the drum with the toner which supposedly keeps the background clean
      but it raises the toner cartridge price considerably. I'd suggest you ask
      Brother about the drum.


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