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2125Re: Canadian Divorce records

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  • Lois Sparling
    Nov 2, 2003
      Well I'm astounded.  These divorces were published in the Canada Gazette, so hardly private.  Try the Calgary Court House library on the 7th floor.

      Lois Sparling

      Carol Lylyk wrote:
      Earlier this summer I was trying to find the link to Hugh Armstrong's Canadian Divorce site which had been on the National Archives site.  Reading in the Calgary Herald this morning I see that Parliament has decided divorces past and ongoing fall under the Privacy Act and have frozen those records.  This was done this spring without any notification so likely why that site is no longer available. 
      "Although divorce records will remain public in the locations they were filed, it will be difficult to determine whether someone has ever been divorced without checking with every  courthouse in the country"  to quote the Herald. 
      So it sounds like another avenue of research is closed to genealogists and family historians.
      Carol Lylyk

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