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2121RE: Polish Name?

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  • Ursula Krol
    Oct 31 6:52 PM
      Hi Gordon,
      This name can be Polish or Ukrainian. It was change from Krajcki or cut
      short from longer name e.g. Krajowiecki ( krayoviecki). "Kraj" in Polish
      mean land.
      In Polish the pronunciations of the letter "j" is like long "e" and "w" is
      like "v". If the name had this letters the name is pronounce totally
      different in English. Sometimes it is like different name.
      I know some Polish people that make the name shorter, because of the long
      Ursula Krol
      Digital Photo

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      Can anyone identify the area the following name came from.

      Krajcky - changed to Rickey on immigration to Canada. My friend Ken
      believes that they originate from Poland but not sure.


      Gordon Lane
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