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2109RE: Library open time cancelled today

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Oct 29, 2003
      Hi Donna:

      Yes, I should have decided earlier than I did. I talked to Lois Nicholson
      and she phoned Sarah. I assume that she got hold of her before she left for
      the Library this morning.

      How was the driving? I stayed home - thankfully.

      Helen is still planning on going to the library tomorrow morning (9:00 am, I
      think), and she is going to pick up Olive. If you don't want to drive, you
      don't have to go. I'm going to see how the roads are in the morning, but I
      would like to see Olive.


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      Hi Lorna,
      Just read your email - wished I'd gotten it about 8:45 (Sarah called me at
      home -I delayed leaving for the Humane Society so was home when she called).
      I told her i'd not heard from you so thought it would be still open and
      advised her to call you if nobody showed at 10 am and I didn't have my list
      in front of me to remember who was he buddy. It sounds like you were able
      to sove it :)


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