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  • Robert Boynton
    Oct 22, 2003
      Hi Judith

      Great advice!

      Being the computer dummy I am, when I received an email stating that OE had
      removed the attachment, I clicked on the "Forward" button on this particular
      email and then the attachment would appear and then I could open it. This
      worked 100%.

      For some reason, I received some attachments with OE and OE removed others.
      I have no means of understanding this random removal or acceptance but If I
      follow your advice perhaps that might lead to the answer.


      Rob Boynton

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      From: "Judith Rempel" <judith@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 6:15 AM
      Subject: OUTLOOK EXPRESS

      > Some time ago I was asked by someone using OutLook Express how to enable
      > attachments. They'd had computer problems and had OE reinstalled - after
      > which they could't access any attachments to e-mail (e.g. pdf or word
      > files).
      > OE is a stripped down version of the standard Microsoft product known as
      > "Outlook". I believe that if someone purchases a Microsoft suite of
      > products, the standard package of "Outlook" is provided. If not
      > the suite, or only purchasing the Microsoft "Works" suite, the purchaser
      > only get Outlook EXPRESS.
      > Anyway, a few days ago I was able to sit at a computer with OE installed
      > could look through the menuing to see how to enable attachents:
      > When OE is open, from the Menubar, choose:
      > and then locate the box that says something like "prevent dangerous
      > attachments from infecting my computer with viruses" - and be sure it is
      > ticked. Then simply "okay" your way out of that menu.
      > While all of us want to "prevent dangerous attachments from infecting my
      > computer with viruses", that tick mark ensures that NO attachments can be
      > read. Sigh.
      > The beauty of this is, though, that when you have unticked that box, all
      > attachments to already-received messages are viewable - not just the ones
      > come.
      > Hope that by sending this note to two lists I'm finding the persons who
      > asked me about this in the past.
      > In Kinship,
      > Judith Rempel, Webster
      > judith@...
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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