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2083Re: Federal Court Case

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  • william campbell
    Oct 20 11:16 PM
      Hi Lois:

      Thanks for your positive and strong action and clear timely communication.

      But, how much do you need?


      Lois Sparling wrote:

      > I need donations to pay for the transcripts of the cross examinations of
      > the National Archives and Statistics Canada witnesses and to copy, bind
      > and deliver the Applicant's Record for Beatty v AG Canada et al. ASAP.
      > Beatty v AG Canada et al is our Action in Federal Court to compel the
      > release of the 1911 census to the public. Up until now, we have been
      > able to pay the expenses of this Action from donations left over from
      > our successful Federal Court case to compel the release of the 1906
      > census (Beatty et al v the Chief Statistician et al). We have now run
      > out of money. This form of court action is designed to be fast. (It
      > isn't fast but it is faster and less expensive than regular court
      > cases.) There are very strict deadlines we have to meet. The next
      > deadline is to file the Applicant's Record by Oct. 30, 2003. We will
      > not be having a trial with real, live witnesses. Instead the Federal
      > Court Judge reads our Affidavits, documents and the transcripts of the
      > cross examinations before the hearing. On the hearing date, the Judge
      > listens to the lawyers' oral arguments. Our Applicant's Record is our
      > evidence. We need money to pay the court reporters for a transcript of
      > the cross examinations which need to be included in this Applicant's
      > Record.
      > That's probably more than you wanted to know. The bottom line is that
      > now we need more money to pay for our court action. Please send
      > donations to my office made out to Lois Sparling - in trust. The
      > address is: #1400, 550 - 6 Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0S2. Please
      > send a note or state on the cheque that this is for Beatty v AG Canada.
      > Lois Sparling
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

      William A. Campbell
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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