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2074English 1901 census online

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  • Rene Dussome
    Oct 8, 2003
      To English researchers:

      On Monday October 6th Jeanne Bunting put the following message on the
      UK-1901-CENSUS mailing list:

      "The PRO has changed the 1901 web site over the weekend. You now get a
      choice of PDF, Applet or TIFF at the top of the final screen.

      "My Windows 98 machine works perfectly with APPLET but my daughter's
      XP machine freezes after the first image has been displayed. Has anyone
      else had problems and more importantly, have they overcome them?"

      * * *

      Brian Pears replied as follows:

      "I favour the lowest-tech approach - download the TIFF and view
      it using Irfanview (Freeware). The TIFF is the smallest of the
      download options and gives the best quality, while Irfanview's
      zooms are quicker than Acrobat Reader's or the Applet's.
      Irfanview also allows you to crop the black area before printing
      thus giving a larger image on paper."

      * * *

      Paul Clark wrote:

      "I agree - it's a good program. Here's a download site for IrfanView:


      * * *

      Patrick Black wrote:

      "I had exactly the same problem until I downloaded and installed Sun
      Run-time. Try


      "and click on the Free Download section on the page.

      "It seems that the PRO software doesn't always like Microsoft's flavour
      of Java, but it seems to be fine with the Sun original!"

      * * *

      Mark wrote:

      "The main Irfanview website gives you a variety of download locations


      "Another feature is the ability to scale the picture to fit the paper
      size when you print."

      * * *

      My operating system is ME and I have had a problem when downloading an
      image from the PRO website. Occasionally, after I have saved the image
      to a file on my hard drive the screen freezes and I have to exit the
      program and reload it before downloading another image. Perhaps the
      above suggestions will help me.

      Rene Dussome

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