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2071901 English Census Online - Yes!

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  • Rene
    Sep 1 9:37 PM

      I am still working on updating my "tips" file and have read countless
      messages today from the census mailing list. The undernoted message has
      just come in:

      >The system is actually still going, it's just that something has gone wrong with the main access to the site.

      >If you use


      >you will get an error message that you can't go directly in through that page, BUT the links to the left of the screen are still working.

      It works! I have just done a person search for my mother using the above
      website address and it found her. I don't know if you can go beyond the
      person search but that is all I need right now.

      I am not sure what the "s" is doing after http but I clicked on the
      website address exactly as above and was able to access the online

      Now I am going back to look for more names. I was going to have a bath
      and go to bed but have changed my mind! This back door route may not

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