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2058Spam Rejecting Programs

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  • Rene Dussome
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Hi Everyone:

      The undernoted message has just been received from Gordon A. Watts via
      the Canada Census mailing list.

      Rene Dussome

      Once again it appears necessary to remind listers that use of many spam
      rejecting programs cause nothing but problems for
      those subscribed to mail lists, and to those that administer those
      lists. Of particular nuisance value are programs such
      as Spam Sleuth that send a message to 'new' addresses asking for a
      response before it will allow your messages to be passed
      on. Mail lists have no mechanism to allow such messages to be responded
      to and so they are simply forwarded to the list
      administrators. Such messages that I receive will be ignored and the
      lister using such programs will be unsubbed.

      I am about to unsub one lister who has been using Spam Sleuth because of
      multiple bounces from the CCC list.

      If you use an anti-spam program I suggest you use one that does not
      actually reject spam, but simply automatically routes
      it into a specific folder, making it easy to scan and ensure that it has
      not inadvertantly routed a valid message into the
      folder, and then it can be deleted en masse.

      One such program that I use is SpamPal. It takes care of a great number
      of the spam messages that I currently receive (up
      to 200 per day). It has a black list that I can add offending addresses
      that have snuck through, and a white list to which
      I can add addresses from which I receive valid messages.

      SpamPal is a free program and can be downloaded from


      Most spam programs such as SpamPal utilize white lists to which specific
      addresses might be added. All addresses on the
      white lists are allowed to pass. They will normally allow the use of
      'wild card' symbols. To ensure the passage of all
      Rootsweb mail lists add the following to the white list.