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  • william campbell
    Sep 5, 2003
      Hi Folk:

      At this time we expect that CFCN Chan 3 will have a reporter at our AFHS Open House Saturday morning for the opening of
      our new library. Look for a news clip at dinner time and at late news at 11:30 tomorrow evening and maybe even Sunday

      On Monday Senator Milne will be interviewed by Dave Taylor host of the afternoon show on CHQR 77 at 1 pm and
      likely get into the release of the post 1906 Census issue.

      Then at 4 pm Monday on the CBC (AM 1010) 'Homestretch' show Senator Milne will be interviewed again.

      The Calgary Herald promised to do an article on our library opening so watch the weekend issues for it.

      The Kerby News, just on the news stands today, gave us coverage but confused the day of the Open House stating it as
      Sunday rather than Saturday.

      We will try to keep you posted if we learn of any other media involvement.

      Look forward to seeing you Saturday.



      William A. Campbell
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada