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1933RE: home children

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Aug 29 9:45 PM
      I did watch the show. At first I thought it was going to be a whitewash of
      the Home Children plan as the author of the Little Immigrants was portraying
      it in a positive light. However, many interviewed were home children or
      descendants of home children and showed that for any good that it did, there
      was more harm - especially in terms of lost connections to family trees. As
      one person described it, he has a tree where one side has no branches - he
      knows his father's history but nothing beyond his mother on that side of the
      tree. There also was a classic quote (i.e. should be made a classic!) about
      how it is a natural instinct to find our family history, especially as we
      grow older and don't want to go to our graves not knowing. Too bad I can't
      remember the exact words.

      Unfortunately I did not read the TV guide until minutes before the show
      aired so was not ready with a tape.

      Hope some of the rest of you caught it. I loved the spirit of some of the
      still living home children. Many have a sense of humour about the situation.
      As the one man who in his first placement was made to share the doghouse,
      given enough food if the dog didn't eat it first and beaten every day. He
      was later placed in a new home and when asked if it was better, he said he
      had adequate shelter, enough to eat and wasn't beaten anymore so he figured
      it must be better!

      One elderly lady had a raspberry for those responsible. Even though none of
      my family were home children, as they said on the program, it is a part of
      Canada's history that needs to be made more known.


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      late notice, but I just noticed that tonight at 8 on channel 7 Calgary
      is a show about home children.


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