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  • Judith Rempel
    Aug 26, 2003
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      Say - just hot off Doug Crispen's newsletter, Tourbus, I've learned that
      Google now has a nifty computing and converting tool. Details below - it
      will help me immensely when I need to convert fahrenheit to celsius (or vice
      versa). Bet you have miles/kilometre needs....

      TOURBUS Volume 9, Number 6 -- 26 Aug 2003
      [ For best results view this with a monospace font like Courier. ]

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      \___/ \___/ T h e I n t e r n e t T o u r B u s \___/
      Visit the Tourbus Home Page at http://www.TOURBUS.com !

      Today's Tourbus Stop(s):
      Google Calculator / Understanding University Success

      Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from deep behind the orange
      curtain in beautiful Irvine, California, an event that occurs when a
      program or process tries to store more data in a buffer than it was
      intended to hold. :P

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      Google Calculator

      Our first stop is kind of "geeky." Well, no ... to tell the truth it
      is *REALLY* geeky. Really *REALLY* geeky. But it is a cool kind of

      Google now has a built-in calculator! No, really! Go to Google.com
      and instead of keying in a word or search phrase, key in a math
      problem like

      2 + 2


      72 / 3

      and Google will automatically show you the answer! That in an of
      itself is cool (and geeky), but Google's calculator will also solve
      simple, non-variable algebra and trigonometry problems like

      4^2 + 7


      cosine(75 degrees)

      That little pointy thingy -- the ^ -- is called a carat, and it is
      used in ASCII to signify exponents. So 4^2 is actually four squared.

      And, if that isn't geeky enough for you, Google's calculator also has
      a built-in unit converter. For example, try keying in

      0b1111 in hex


      100 feet in astronomical units

      Neat, huh? According to Google,

      The calculator can evaluate mathematical expressions involving
      basic arithmetic (5+2*2 or 2^20), more complicated math (sine(30
      degrees) or e^(i pi)+1), units of measure and conversions (100
      miles in kilometers or 160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories), and
      physical constants (1 a.u./c or G*mass of earth/radius of
      earth^2). You can also experiment with other numbering systems,
      including hexadecimal and binary.

      To prove once and for all that your fearless bus driver has no social
      life and entirely too much free time, here are just a few of my
      favorite Google calculator searches:

      speed of light in knots
      5 smoot - 2 angstroms
      1.21 GW / 88 MPH
      Answer to life the universe and everything

      [Special bonus points go to those of you who caught the Back to the
      Future and Hitchhiker's Guide references.]

      The folks at Waxy.org win for best search, though, for using Google's
      calculator to find the answer to

      life, the universe and everything multiplied by the speed of light
      divided by three teaspoons

      [I *TOLD* you this was geeky!]

      For a pretty good list of every math function and unit of measure that
      Google's calculator supports, check out


      Finally, for those of you who are Grandpa Simpson fans, I am sorry to
      report that Google's calculator doesn't yet convert rods to hogsheads
      ... but I'm sure the math geeks at Google are frantically working on
      fixing that oversight. :P

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      That's it for today. Have a safe and happy week, and we'll talk again
      soon. :)

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      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster
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