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1883Re: map co-ordinate assistance

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  • Louise Calderbank
    Aug 20, 2003
      I believe you are attempting to convert the Gauss-Krueger projection coordinates to Universal Transverse Mercator projection coordinates. Neither are given in latitude and longitude. GMT refers to Greenwich Mean Time!
      If you want UTM coordinates, what UTM zone do you want to use? Or put another way what central meridian do you want to use?
      How accurate do the latitude and longitude values have to be? What datum do you want these values on?
      What datum do you want to use for the converted coordinates? The same datum as used by the GPS satellites - WGS84?
      The process is as follows:
      1. The Gauss-Krueger projection coordinates will have to be converted to their appropriate datum.
      2. These latitude and longitude values will have to be transformed from their datum to WGS84.
      3. The WGS84 values will have to be converted into UTM coordinates for the Zone required.
      Do you have the datum transformation values to go from the German datum to WGS84?
      Thank goodness the monument/building doesn't move in all this, just its numerical representation on the earth!
      Bruce Calderbank
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 11:01 AM
      Subject: map co-ordinate assistance

      Does anyone know how to translate/transform a Gauss-Krueger co-ordinate to a GMT mapping of latitude/longitude?
        I have spent the past 40 minutes on the Internet and downloaded two programs but am still at a loss as to how this is done or how to use the data generated . 
      The co-ordinates I have are: R_gk  :  2562035
                                                       H_gk  :  5538903
      I believe they are a location for a monument or building listed as "Gut Blumenscheid" within 2km of the town of Wittlich, Rheinland, Germany.
      Thank you for any assistance.
      Theresa Michiel
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