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  • Mary Arthur
    Aug 16 5:16 PM
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      Mailsword is a completely new way of stopping spam. It sends a message
      to whoever sent you a message and asks them to type a 4 didgit code in
      their return message, then it allows them to send all messages to you.
      I discovered that Doug had it when I sent the last message about how
      to update MS products to prevent the latest worm. I guess Doug has a
      different address for me, as I use several, or he failed to enter his
      white list properly.

      Doug should get two copies of this, as I have added his name to the out
      box and I know he can receive mail from this address.(just in case
      compsigtips isn't on his white list). It took over 12 hours for
      Mailsword to send me the message requesting I reply in person, so it
      does slow down mail from 'new' senders to Doug.

      Mary Arthur

      On Saturday, Aug 16, 2003, at 15:15 Canada/Mountain, E.Rodier wrote:

      > File, Properties usually shows the product used to send an e-mail.
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Doug Hay"
      >> I just installed the free Mailsword program last week. How did
      >> you know I had it?
      >> I'm not sure about it. It certainly blocks junk mail. I haven't
      >> had one since I installed, vs. about 10-12 per day before. But I only
      >> get about 2/day from daemon mailer saying there is no such address.
      >> I'm concerned about missing mail from new people trying to
      >> contact me.
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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