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  • E.Rodier
    Aug 16, 2003
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      File, Properties usually shows the product used to send an e-mail.
      User-defined fonts often cause problems in messages from people who refuse
      to use plain text. Sometimes problem messages are from a non-English
      keyboard, sometimes an experiment to look fancy and sometimes a vision
      limitation of the sender.

      Whitelisting (accepting e-mail from approved addresses) has caused problems
      on mailing lists. People ask for help and then block private replies or
      don't set up the options correctly. Return receipts are another topic of

      I do not follow up on messages if my reply was blocked by SpamCop or

      One of the best volunteers for information about using a particular
      genealogy program has been blocked by Rootsweb since July 7 and cannot post
      to his favorite mailing list. Some ISPs are very quick to block other ISPs
      or specific individuals if there is one complaint about spam. -- Elizabeth

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Doug Hay"
      > I just installed the free Mailsword program last week. How did you
      > I had it?
      > I'm not sure about it. It certainly blocks junk mail. I haven't had
      > since I installed, vs. about 10-12 per day before. But I only get about
      > 2/day from daemon mailer saying there is no such address.
      > I'm concerned about missing mail from new people trying to contact me.

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