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  • Doug Hay
    Aug 16, 2003
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      I just installed the free Mailsword program last week. How did you know
      I had it?
      I'm not sure about it. It certainly blocks junk mail. I haven't had one
      since I installed, vs. about 10-12 per day before. But I only get about
      2/day from daemon mailer saying there is no such address.
      I'm concerned about missing mail from new people trying to contact me.
      All I did to start was enter all my address book as allowable, and that
      works as far as I know. But the messages the program is supposed to send
      back to non approved correspondents hasn't produced anything except the few
      from daemon mailer.
      I have hardly been at the computer for the last week, so haven't tried
      to track down any problems yet.

      Doug Hay
      Calgary, Alberta

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      From: "Mary Arthur" <arthurm@...>
      To: "Doug Hay" <dhay@...>
      Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 4:05 PM
      Subject: mailsword

      > Dear Doug,
      > I would be interested (and think others would also) in a report (on
      > compsigtips?) on how MailSword has worked for you.
      > Isn't it possible to allow messages from everyone in your address book?
      > It seems rather slow (in sending me the request for verification).
      > Mary

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