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1847AFHS Library

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  • Gordon Lane
    Aug 12, 2003
      Helen Backhouse needs some help to help put the library into order for the
      September 6th opening. This is going to be an auspicious occaision with
      Senator Milne cutting the "ribbon" to open the Library.

      She needs male power(her words) to move and secure shelving, move desks,
      file and storage cupboards, install a sink and any more bright ideas she may
      come up with in the next few weeks.

      Please call or email Helen or myself with your offers to help, we can
      arrange for access in the evening as well as during the day so don't feel
      shy if you have to work during the day, Helen can make you slave during the
      evenings as well. We also have access on Saturdays.


      Gordon Lane
      Vice Chair - Facilities
      Editor Chinook

      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Family website

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